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What If World - Stories for Kids

Mar 11, 2019

What if World gets fast and furious with this pop-corny tale of daredevil drivers. But what happens when these unsafe drivers learn they can’t just pop back from a new kernel every time they get hurt?

Lessons include: No one is invincible, no matter how tough they talk; reckless behavior can endanger yourself and others

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What If World is made by Eric O’Keeffe with help from Karen Marshall O'Keeffe. Our theme song is by Craig Martinson and our podcast art is by Jason O’Keefe. Additional songs and sound effects from This week’s artwork is by houssenmoshine.

Adventure, Cars and Trucks, Comedy, Food, Friendship, Trains, Poprick, Corneah, Copcorn, Jamesy Staypopped, Popwheels, driving, podcast for kids, stories for kids